Updated: Saturday May 20, 2000

Welcome, I am hoping to really fix up this site soon, so come back!

if you want easy cash (who doesn't) go here

- jx2


Born to be wild
Mortal Kombat Theme
Oxygen 8
Where do you go
Freak Out
The the way I Like it
Video Killed the Radio Star

Newest Added Midis

Never There Cake
Gangsta's Paradise Coolio
Foolish Games Jewel
Don't Forget about me Simple Minds
Jammin Bob Marley
I Shot the Sherrif Bob Marley
Jump Jive'n Wail Brian Setzer Orchestra
Whip It Devo
Bag of Hammers Local H
Back in the Day Local H
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
Every Day is a Winding Road Sherl Crow
All I want to do Sherl Crow
Tommorow Never Dies Sherl Crow
Run Around Blues Traveler
Crash and Burn Blues Traveler
Criminal Fiona Apple
Celebrity Skin Hole
Longview Green Day
When I come around Green Day
Semi Charmed life Third Eye Blind
Just the 2 of us Will Smith
Save Tonight Eagle Eye Cherry
Everybody Backstreet Boys
Where its at Beck
The boy is mine Brandy and Monica
The Distance Cake

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