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NBC's Review

Christina Applegate ("Married With Children") stars in a new, romantic family comedy from the executive producers of NBC’s "Friends" as an attractive single mother whose life is a juggling act between her job, her dreams and her responsibilities to the men in her life -- her father, her brothers and her young son.

Twenty-six-year-old Jesse Warner seems to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. Everyone in her family depends on her, making it difficult to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse -- and having no time for romance. Her father, John Warner Sr. (George Dzundza, "Crimson Tide"), is a gruff, plainspoken soul who owns Der Biergarten, the German-themed restaurant/bar where Jesse works as a waitress. Little John (Eric Lloyd, "Deconstructing Harry") is her loving, 10-year-old son who is as protective of his mother as she is of him.

Jesse’s older brother, John Jr. (John Lehr, NBC’s "Friends"), lives with her and proves to be relatively low-maintenance since he decided to cease talking a year ago for personal reasons. But even with his economy of words, he often provides her with sage wisdom. Her younger brother, Darren (casting TBA) is a charming, but broke, entrepreneur who is always conjuring up get-rich-quick schemes. Carrie (Jennifer Milmore, "Friends") is Jesse’s man-crazy confidante and fellow barmaid.

To further complicate her life, Diego (Bruno Campos, "Mario Puzo’s The Last Don") moves in as Jesse’s handsome and suave next-door neighbor, flickering memories of what romance can offer. While Jesse looks for a better life, she might even discover that everything she’s looking for can be found in her own backyard. In the meantime, she dreams of saving enough money to finance her nursing studies.

After watching the show several times I personally don't think its that great of a show. JX2's Rating: 5.5

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