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There is a Seinfeld, and two Simpsons shows on every night. Also watch for The Tonight Show and Letterman on Mon-Fri.

Monday: Caroline in the City, Ally McBeal

Tuesday: Mad About You, Just Shoot Me, Working, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, King of the Hill, Guiness Prime time

Wednesday: 3rd Rock from the Sun, South Park, News Radio, Drew Carey Show, Dharma and Greg

Thursday: Friends, Jesse, Frasier, Veronica's Closet

Friday: Boy Meets World, Sabrina

Saturday: Saturday Night Live, Mad TV

Sunday: Unhappily Ever After, Simpsons

As you can see, Tuesday is the best night on tv this year. There are more good shows than you can watch. Mad about you and King of the hill are during buffy. Guinnes is at the same time as Working and Just Shoot me. It is very difficult to decide what you should actually watch. Personally I watch Mad About You, the second half of Buffy, Then Working and Just Shoot Me, with a little guinnes inbetween.

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