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    Friday 1.1.99
  Fan Appreciation (213 bytes)

spacer.gif (43 bytes) (212 bytes) (43 bytes) Can you believe that it's already 1999?! Well, for the New Year I've come up with a new theme, every Friday is now Fan Appreciation Day! From now on, all those fanfics, fanarts, vs., poems, and what not will be posted in one big update on Friday. So to kick off the first ever Fan Appreciation Day, we've got a great batch of fanart on the 5th fanart page, including the coolest picture of Ike and quite possibly my favorite pic in the entire section. And what fanday would be complete without fanfictions, by two new authors we have The Babysitter & A Cartman Carol, be sure to check those out.

On a side note, I was informed yesterday that Chef Aid did in fact hit number 1 last week on the Australian charts, and unofficially was the 12th highest selling album of 1998. Anyway, I hope you all had an excellent New Yearst Eve, I'm sure Vin will have some stuff later on in the day.

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